Policing the children

This afternoon I took my two sons down to the village for some afternoon tea and a short shopping expedition. We had been swimming at our school pool. The boys were excited. They were full of beans & chatting loudly.

Part way down the main street I noticed a woman who was muttering to herself and sneering at me. I caught some of her words. The boys were behind me. I guessed immediately that she was complaining about them.

I turned around and asked her politely, “Excuse me, are you complaining about my children? What have they done to you?”
“They are SO VERY LOUD! They’re deafening me!” she replied with a sourpuss face.
“Well my son has ADHD & an auditory processing issue so this is as quiet as it gets,” I responded.
“I beg your pardon. I beg your pardon,” she attempted to apologise.
I was so, so angry that all I could say was “You are so very, very rude. So rude.” and walked off.

And yes, this is true. One of my boys does have ADHD & most likely some auditory processing issues. Now I wish I just said that this is a main street and that boisterous children are allowed.

So lady, whoever you are, I can tell you that you & people like you are the reason I feel anxious in the street, in public with my children. They are not horrible children. They are not badly behaved (mostly). My sons are simply children. They are six and seven.