christmas was bliss

nothing like a little minimalism to make the day really enjoyable. Presents for the children were kept down in number,  adults shopped sparingly for each other and heaven, oh heaven,  we only attended one event.

lunch at my brother’s place on the other side of town was the bomb.  he cooked a whole salmon, bought from the local fishmarkets. our mum made lentils (to accompany the fish). other food included: a chickpea salad with roasted red onion, courgette, red capsicum, garlic and carrot, grilled asparagus with pesto and crumbled feta and homemade foccacia bread. dessert was a divine fruit salad with blueberries, strawberries and pawpaw accompanied by whipped cream and a small serve of christmas pudding (thanks aunt betty).

we sat around in the back garden, eating, drinking (a little french bubbles and some non alcoholic juice later on),  chatting about the year that’s been and what lies ahead.

it has been a tough year in so many ways but surrounded by the people  i love and who love me i know that i am still one of the lucky ones.