The Magic Box

Molly running

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I will put in my box
A golden tree,
A book of glass,
A cage of spanish gold with a speckled egg,
An ice cream that never melts.

My box is made from the corners of the moon
and rainbow rubies.
It is full of magical things.

In my box I will slide down a giraffe’s neck
and wish for Christmas every day.

by Molly (aged 6 & 1/2)

just one kiss

just one kiss

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when you have children sometimes it can be hard to spend time together as a couple. adult time. but this is one of the sets of times that recharge us and make us feel like us again.

the ingenious way we spend some time together is night time housework. we do dishes, fold washing, put away toys. ok, so not our best best time together but time stolen from the lives of busy parents & turned into companionship is worthwhile. & we kiss.

flesh & blood


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the last 10 days have been intense for my three children. we’ve had our usual school / playcentre routines playing louder & louder as we approached the end of term / end of year. added to that we’ve had a birthday party to attend, a christmas party to organise & attend, 10 days of swimming lessons in a row plus six days of swimming at school. throw in 2 tummy bugs & 2 ear infection & 3 farewells & really it’s been fun but probably a bit much.

all three children were in bed & asleep at 6.30 tonight (most unusual) but at 9pm my youngest was up & about for an hour and then my middle son woke having wet the bed. sheets changed, him showered & changed & comforted & back in bed by 11pm.

i hadn’t felt like a good parent today – too much shouting & flapping about, not enough smiles & cuddles but two things redeemed those feelings – a shared swim with my middle boy & the round of comforting & re-settling with both boys.

I do love them & know how to care for them, I just need to love & care for myself somewhere in all of this.