winter tears

winter tears

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some times the pain of losing findlay blindsides me. today i re-visited a blog that i read regularly after jacob and findlay were born. i haven’t read it for a couple of years. in the meantime this lucky woman had given birth to healthy twins. ouch my heart.

Harbour of my heart

Waitemata, harbour of my heart,

the lights of Tamaki Makaurau are glistening on your surface.

Pools of light & oily blackness calling me.

I want to throw myself into your cool waters.

Wash off the busyness of my head.

Stretch my limbs and swim to the other side.

The port lights flickering red, yellow & white.

The city towers blink.

I can hear distant sirens wail & closer the slick tension of rubber & road.

I have two supermarket bags to unpack and a home to go to.