four beautiful ones


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we’ve reached the end of the decade. looking bad it’s easy to dwell on the low points – there’s been a few and they’ve been mighty tough – but i’d like to concentrate on what was good & what continues to bring me hope & joy.

some highlights: april 27, 2004 – birth of my daughter molly, 27 january 2008 – j & i were married at cheltenham beach in devonport, 8 february 2008 – our twin boys jacob & findlay were born and 24 september 2009 our youngest son pete was born.

findlay’s funeral on february 15, 2008 & a year later the memorial comemoration for our beautiful wee boy helped to remind us how loved he was and we all are. without our family & friends we would not be the family that we are and that we continue to strive to be.

if the decade ahead holds as much joy as this one has i will be a lucky woman.




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these last two years have been heartbreaking for our family in so many ways but this little fella born on september 24th has brought so much happiness and healing for us all.

he’s such a cruiser, he’s a smiler, a gurgler, a coo’er. he’s bonnie and bouncy. he’s chubby and cuddly. and we just adore him.

this christmas i am looking forward to being with my family, just loving them and being thankful for their presence. my presents are going to be us, all together and lots of love.