I (heart) corny songs

It’s not a new affliction.  I’ve suffered since I was in school and had the power to choose my own radio station. As often as I’ve been cool and alt (The Pogues, The Violent Femmes,The Ramones, Billy Bragg, oh no showing my age here) I have been cheesey.  Let me spend the day in my head and suddenly I am singing Just when I needed you most or All out of love or Loving her was easier . It’s highly emotional and spirit lifting stuff I am sure you’ll agree.

It is probably more embarrassing for lack of natural musical gift. This heart felt singing leans towards the tuneless. Shame really, as this cancels the possibility of utilising karaoke bars as outlet for indulging my affliction.

Luckily Geek Boy, who owns lots of hip hop, punk, post-punk and other iPod touch friendly tunes, has a bad case of Aloha from Hawaii via satellite. Too many good songs from that for him to make a definitive favourite choice but that’s a good start. GB’s singing, in some registers, is better than my Air Supply renditions but I don’t think he’s heard my Joni re-makes yet.

As for our kids… well Moose once said “Mummy, please stop singing. It’s yucky”.  The Caboose is too young to know any better so he smiles (or laughs) when either of his parental units pipe up with their corn. Geek Boy’s sister G is a Sing Star afficianado but I have never been one for computer games unless they sound like this .  And thus I reveal my love of 80s music (and my age again).