Christmas hell! Oh, Christmas hell! Ringing though the land…

Child One

She is over-tired after a busy year at school, with extra long terms Term Two & Three. She keeps a frantic pace of socialising, gymnastics, growing, learning & staying up late to squeeze in extra chapters of Harry Potter. When life runs this way  she pops out of bed ten times before she can settle. Currently quick to shout & cry.

Child Two

He has hit the not-napping phase again at 3yr8mo after a year back afternoon napping.His blood sugar levels get out of whack as we try to encourage him to eat more food & drink less milk. Yesterday he fell off a chair he was standing on –  giving himself a black eye & a blood nose. He does not respond well to an unsettled family or routine changes. After a busy year at Playcentre with his best buddy moving away at the end of 2nd term he is still finding his place. A child full of imagination: games of Vikings, Jedi Knights & Pirates abound. Can be prone to wailing & whining when things are overwhelmingly pear-shaped on Planet J.

Child Three

He is in the beginner phase as a Terrible Two Year Old. Currently has a cold so is grumpy & unwell. He knows his own mind. Will shout, smack or bite if things aren’t going according to Plan Pete, otherwise pretty cuisey.

Parental Units

Can be prone to shouting & crying when stressed by the shortage of funds to cover rising costs over Christmas & the pressure to socialise at every turn.  We have had a long year of house moves,group therapy, a parenting programme, family machinations, work & Playcentre responsibilities and  our dog’s death. Also attempting to manage a four month long headache, hayfever & interrupted sleep.

Everyone in this whaanau is ready for a break from these constant demands. We are in need of days spent chilling at the beach, fun day trips & quiet times spent pottering in our nest by the sea. We need no responsibilities except to be calm & kind to one another, to eat well, rest well & move our bodies every day: swimming, walking, biking, playing.

Please let this Christmas Hell be over soon.

A Grinch in Wonderland


7 thoughts on “Christmas hell! Oh, Christmas hell! Ringing though the land…

    • Thanks Marian. I’m feeling a little less Grinchy since I wrote this post. I had a ball buying the children’s presents (mainly books from our wonderful local children’s bookshop Next Page Please). I’ve planned the food I’m taking for lunch (two bacon & egg pies) & the days is nicely mapped out too. Less rain would be nice. I hope your Christmas & summer are filled with excitement, fun, sun & happiness too.

  1. hmmm i was doing a message and it disappeared..the net sometimes scares me LOL where did my lost words go. Anyway as i was saying 😛 …. Christmas brings out both the good and bad! Hope your family has a lovely time anyway 🙂


    • Thank you Sandy. All the shopping has been done now, the food organised, the day planned. All I hope now is for less rain here in Auckland. I hope your Christmas is fun & relaxing.

  2. I’m in Auckland too…and it didn’t stop..did it LOL
    [Magna_Quies twitter]

    I’m sure mine will be… off to Chch this week to spend it with lovely family 😀 WHOOP WHOOP!

    Take care


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