Letter to Grandma

This afternoon I’m smoking
a rollie, sitting
at my desk.

I’ll catch the bus
to Rachel’s flat
& chat over cups of tea.

Catching up
on missed days;
holidays: camping at Waitaia,
living it up at Kawau.

Natter, natter
we’re good, so good
at that. The sky is overcast.

You & Aunty Meg
best of friends
talking it over
in kichens, on
telephones, via letters so
long distance is no distance
at all.

Children are grown,
fine figures with children
of their own. Grandchildren
with children. A family
to make you proud, extending
from Auckland over
seas & home again.


4 thoughts on “Letter to Grandma

  1. I adore this piece. I’m horribly tired so I can only read a few pieces tonight, but am really looking forward to reading older posts over the next while.
    You are one talented girl, and I am so happy to be your friend. Keep writing. You’re brilliant.
    Henriette xxx

  2. Thank you Henriette. There’s always the anxiety when you put yourself out there creatively that it is just self indulgence.

  3. I love this and I feel some of my own New Zealand family in it.

    “Natter, natter
    we’re good, so good
    at that. The sky is overcast.”

    is perfect.

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