brain malfunction

life has been full of craziness around here. much of which i am not in a position to write about. with an overload of stress, a new baby busily growing, a now five year old and a 15 month old there is not a lot of sleeping going on but much running around keeping other people happy and fed.  my poor brain just doesn’t seem able to cope: first i had a small manic attack as my medication levels dropped and now i can’t remember essential things like my flickr password, my internet banking password, where my keys are and what the heck this book i am reading is all about.

i know it’s just my body telling me it’s overloaded and i would try to take some time for me but seriously, there just isn’t any and other people in my family are as overloaded as i am. so i take a deep breath, feel my baby moving inside of me, sleep when i can. eat well and walk often. that will do for now.

oh i miss flickr though.


2 thoughts on “brain malfunction

  1. its also called being a Mum. Don’t be too hard on your self. I remember with each of my babies that my mind turned to mash every single time. Its like i am busy growing a baby so my brain has left for a short time!!! Keep resting and it will feel ok in the end.
    Thinking of you and sending good thoughts for this baby to be.

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