storm clouds II

storm clouds II

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today one of the scariest things that can happen to a parent happened to me. my four year old daughter (accompanied by a three year old friend) went missing from our home. Initially we (the parents and one grandparent) searched the house and garden, then the nearby neighbourhood, then we got in cars and searched further afield. our neighbours and friends climbed on the bikes and into the cars to join the search. no luck.

the girls, one blonde and one brunette, were clothed in their swimming togs and in bare feet. My daughter knows our area very well on foot. The other lass was visiting from England.

the suburb we live in is considered a very safe neighbourhood. I was hoping, hoping, hoping that the girls had just wandered off. I was terrified that someone had put them in their car and stolen them.

after more than half an hour of missing children my mother called the police. within minutes the sound of sirens and a police helicopter rang out across the suburb. there is not much to chill a mother’s veins than those two sounds whilst knowing it is her child they are searching for.

another half hour and the girls were returned to us in a police car. they had walked more than two kilometres, crossed a pedestrian bridge and many many roads to another suburb close by. the police helicopter had spotted them entering a house (of their accord). the woman in that house rang the police. she is the mother of one of my daughter’s friends. bless her.

the girls arrived home safe. with big smiles on their faces. riding in a police car is exciting, after all.

as they arrived two mothers wept with relief. the storm clouds had passed.

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