Hanging out with old friends

my beloved is a an audio reader – pod casts and audio books are the way he keeps up with the world of ideas. he also reads online – blogs and other websites of interest.  the world of print he dips into occasionally but overall he finds it too slow.  Given this he is incredulous when he sees me re-reading books. Why would you re-read??

i talked it over with my book nerdy friends whilst wondering if perhaps i was a little strange or just plain lazy with all the re-reading that i do. but no, we were in consensus re-reading is booklover heaven.

like hanging out with old friends some days you do need to re-read all your susan cooper the dark is rising quartet or michael ondaatje in the skin of a lion. the words, the style and the syntax are wonderfully familar. they lull you into a sense of bliss.

on the days when you’ve only had five hours sleep or the kids are ratty and sick a book you’ve read before provides you with companionship and stimulation but not the pressure of a new discovery.  and if you’re like me and can’t remember every book you’ve read word for word but just remember that you enjoyed it then it all comes as a pleasant surprise and then a oh now i remember…


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