i heard it on national radio. it must be true

as someone who spends most of their waking moments with two people under five i have to sing out about the mental bliss that is national radio.  in my experience other acts by me to reach out to adults for intellectual stimulation such as turning on the computer, picking up the telephone or reading are doomed.  my beloved children immediately sense that my focus has shifted. a game that was humming along nicely comes to an abrupt finish as they try to divert me back to what they perceive to be my only function: to focus on them.

meanwhile, the radio slips through the radar nicely.  so as often as i can i am tuned into morning report (hello sean, hello geoff) then nine to noon with kathryn before slipping off to playcentre. then home to afternoons with jim. and sometimes even a little check point.  through the day i hear about books i might like to read, ideas and news and agendas from new zealand and around the world. it’s all good. (even when it isn’t).

this pleasant addiction is one i can thank both my mother and my beloved for. they too are national radio junkies.  my brother and i are amused to hear points of view from national radio spouted undigested at us during family debates on current affairs.  so much so that our family tag line has become: i heard it on national radio, it must be true.  (all said with a smile, of course).

all this to say that there are times when motherhood is drudgery so it’s good to feel i have a friend in national radio.


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