pre-election depression

after the high created by the election results in the USA I am feeling depressed by the thought that here in New Zealand we are about to land ourselves with a conservative government. all the recent polls in the media point to this as our end result. we vote tomorrow and should have a good idea who will lead our government within hours of the polls closing at 7pm.

my hopes are for a minority Labour government in coalition with a strong Green Party.  that would blend government experience with some fresh ideas.  i do have the feeling that Labour are a little stale, although I admire Helen Clark enormously.  But a change to a National led government possibly in partnership with ACT or goodness help us United Future is more than i can quite bear thinking of. (though most probably the outcome we will get).

what a bunch of fusty old bores they all look on the right wing and there’s a strong whiff of secret agenda (a la Roger Douglas all those years ago).  vote them in at your peril New Zealand. the next thing you know they’ll be selling off all your assets and our economic situation will move to a farce. not to mention their desire to create bigger divisions between the haves and have nots. and market forces… that is what got us into this fine mess to begin with.  a little less market forces would do us the world of good!

Go GREEN!!!!!!!!!!! Go Labour!!!!!

And now a song for those of us old enough to remember the bad old days under Muldoon:


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